NY SHIELD Act Requirements: Getting Compliant by March 2020


Learn How To Get Compliant with The New York SHIELD Act


For many organizations, New York’s newly passed SHIELD Act is the first legal obligation to implement security protections. Any business that maintains private information of New York state residents is now required to report the unauthorized access or viewing of personal information to the NY Attorney General. By March 2020, the SHIELD Act requires that a comprehensive security program be in place, or risk penalties.

Hear from legal and security knowledge leaders as they discuss:

  • Why the SHIELD Act was created and who it applies to
  • Specific NY SHIELD Act requirements and deadlines
  • Legal implications and penalties
  • Comply With NY Shield Act
  • Security program considerations
  • Steps your organization needs to take and who can help


Presented by:


Alan Winchester, Leader, Cybersecurity Protection & Response Practice Group
Harris Beach

Michael Montagliano, Chief Technology Officer

Michael Compisi, President & General Manager


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