Cyber Security Incidents: How To Prepare & Respond

Incident Response Webinar
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The faster you can detect and respond to a data breach or security incident the less likely it will have a significant impact on your business. Just as you routinely backup your data, you need to have a plan B for every critical component of your network.

Having the right preventative tools and Incident Response Plan in place can mean the difference between swift breach response and devastating loss of customer data and reputation.

Join iV4's Security experts to learn:

  • The essential layers of a secure environment
  • Tools that monitor, detect and respond to security incidents
  • The components of an effective Incident Response Plan and why you need one
  • How to start your own Incident Response Plan

 Who should attend:

  • Business owners, C-level
  • IT Professionals


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Michael Montagliano 

Chief Technology Officer

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)





Caleb Freitas 
Senior Consultant

Security Team Lead

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)   




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