Presenting Cybersecurity to The Board and C-Suite Like a Pro

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Help top execs understand why cybersecurity is critical to the business


Now more than ever, it is up to a company’s IT or Security leadership to lay out the threat landscape in a way that is easily accessible with actionable information to ensure the organization is making cost-effective decisions regarding its handling of cyber risks.

However, a lengthy, in-depth presentation of dashboards and heat maps is more likely to leave top executives scratching their heads rather than directing resources the right way.

Hear from industry expert Michael Montagliano who has advised dozens of organizations, including publicly traded companies and nationally recognized higher ed institutions, on what and how to effectively report cybersecurity to top execs.

Register for our webinar to learn the best ways to get the message across without losing the audience including:

  • How to communicate risks- and what you're doing about them
  • What key metrics and reports are important
  • Practical tips to align the board with your security strategy
  • Defining risk and company liability if security is poorly implemented
  • Reporting on compliance and actual security while defining the difference

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Chief Technology Officer
Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

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