Webinar: Supporting Your Remote Workforce


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How To Support Remote Employees

The COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic has caused businesses to rapidly enable, or proactively plan for the bulk of their employees working from home.

This sudden switch of connectivity model typically has a significant impact on the corporate network infrastructure which may not have been designed for a situation when it is required simultaneously by all users.

We know this is an uncertain time, the goal of this webinar is to ease concerns and provide actionable takeaways and helpful resources you can use right now. Topics covered include business continuity, network infrastructure including how to support end-user connectivity, Microsoft Teams and security.

  • Business considerations
  • Understanding bandwidth capabilities and requirements: firewalls, VPNs
  • Security concerns and how to mitigate them
  • Optimizing Office 365 traffic
  • Collaboration tools and free trials: Microsoft Teams
  • Practical tips that don’t require any investment
  • Links to documentation and helpful resources throughout the presentation

iV4 Presenters:
Michael Montagliano, CTO
Jim Spignardo, Data Center Team Lead, Senior Consultant

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