Security Awareness Training


Turning Your Weakest Link into your Strongest Defense

With a staggering 1 in every 100 emails identified as a hacking attempt, it is essential to educate all users about the security threats they face and what they can do to keep confidential information safe.  

Security Awareness Training is an essential piece of creating a cyber-aware culture. But reinforcing the security best practices on an ongoing basis is what really makes a training program effective. Sending monthly security reminder emails, tips and tricks documents, or hanging posters in a break room, are easy ways to reinforce topics covered in training. 

iV4's Security Awareness Training Content Bundle provides over 10 pieces of content covering a variety of security topics in a language end-users can understand. 


Download the bundle and get:

  • 4 security reminder emails (easy to send Outlook template format) covering:
    • Phishing emails
    • Insider threats
    • Mobile device security
    • Business email compromise
  • 1 short video with a funny take on passwords
  • 4 informational PDF documents:
    • Tips for travelers
    • How to spot a bad attachment
    • How to spot a bad link
    • Ransomware: what it is and how to avoid it
  • 2 versions of 'Think Before You Click' poster
    • 18"x24", .jpg file type