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Traditional Security Is Not Enough

Malware Bug

Today, users are taking advantage of cloud-based applications that simply require an internet connection to get their work done. Many people think anti-virus acts as a wall of protection between us and malware on the internet. But that isn't the case.

When you rely on anti-virus, you are only protected from known types of malware. Every day tens of thousands of new strains of malware are released, known as zero-day attacks, which leave antivirus companies scrambling to develop a defense. By the time you're properly defended, hackers have probably moved on to the next new thing.

Only 51% of anti-virus scanners detect zero-day malware.
-Lastline Labs

Keeping Up With Vulnerabilities

You have probably had your CEO ask, "how secure are we?"

If you're still periodically scanning for vulnerabilities on your network and don't have a handle on dynamic assets, you can't give a clear answer.


SecurityEssentials is a comprehensive vulnerability management program made up of three components:


1. Vulnerability Management
2. Secure Internet Gateway
3. Security Awareness Training


While your network (firewall) and endpoint defenses (anti-virus) react to malicious activity. SecurityEssentials utilizes security tools that prevent and detect attacks before they happen.


60% of companies close their doors 6 months after a major cyber breach.
-2016 Data Breach Study by the Ponemon Institute and IBM

SecurityEssentials includes:

Vulnerability Management
For all devices on the network including servers, workstations, laptops, and mobile devices delivering a holistic view of the current state of the network.
• Identify all hardware and software assets
• Daily scanning, alerting and reporting
Secure Internet Gateway
Intercepts all web DNS requests proactively blocking connections to malicious destinations before it is established.
• Stop phishing, ransomware, and malware attacks
• Prevent data exfiltration
• Protection on and off the network

Security Awareness Training
Training that increases security knowledge and exposes users to the reality of today's threat environment and how they play a part in protection.
• Web-based training presentation and test
• Includes your organization's security policies