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Security Managed IT Solution

Continuous Network Monitoring, Next-Generation Threat Protection & Systems Security Plan Development

Cyber Criminals and Cyber Warfare are Real Threats

Managed IT Solutions
iV4's Security Managed IT Solution takes a comprehensive approach to maintaining a secure environment. By continuously monitoring network activity, your systems are constantly monitored and scanned for vulnerabilities and malicious activity in real-time.
To potentially save your valuable data from a targeted attack, Security Awareness Training, Penetration Testing, and Phishing Campaigns help develop a security-conscious culture.
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Control Framework Development

Security Managed IT Solution includes the development of a System Security Plan (SSP) that adheres to the Center for Information Security (CIS) 20 Critical Controls. The 20 Critical Controls answer the common question, "Where should I start when I want to improve my cyber defenses?"


The 20 Critical Controls are technical in nature and define specific, practical steps an organization can take to stop cyber threats. The Controls also align with compliance frameworks such as NIST, PCI, HIPAA, COBIT, and others.


In addition, if you fall under DFARS or NY DFS regulations, iV4 will crosswalk those requirements with the SSP.

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43% of cyber attacks target small businesses.
-Symantec 2016 Internet Security Threat Report

Security Managed IT Solution Plans

Plan 1:


Continuous Network Monitoring
Vulnerability Management
Real-Time Network Traffic & Vulnerability Monitoring
Secure Web Content Filtering
Network Device Configuration Hardening Review
Quarterly Analysis & Reporting

Plan 2: (Includes Plan 1)


Security Awareness Training (Includes Phishing Campaign)
Physical Security Assessment
Penetration Testing (Technical & Physical)

Security Control Framework Development


The Security Investment

Investing in security technology and expertise is often cost prohibitive for small and mid-sized organizations. First-year startup costs can easily add up to six figures. Add to that the difficulty in recruiting in-demand security professionals and, even with the will to build a security program, a company’s ability to find the way is a daunting path.


In developing Security Managed IT Solution, iV4 kept those challenges front and center. Evaluating control frameworks, security vendors, and platforms, as well as, the overall monthly investment to the client.


Security Managed IT Solution has a true balance between capabilities and cost, with all of the critical security components in place.

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