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Security Posture Check

"Shock and Awe"

Are Your Shields Up?

Malware Bug

Typically when people hear the terms "hacker" and "hacking" they immediately think of a guy wearing a black sweatshirt trying to steal credentials. But really, hacking your network can be a good thing.

Think about schools running fire drills- these drills are done so that everyone knows what to do in case of a fire. The same thing can be said for your network. Checking for any potential weak spots is crucial to stay ahead of threats.

78% of people claim to be aware of the risks of unknown links in emails. And yet they click anyway.
-Friedrich-Alexander University (FAU)

Ethical Hacking

Acting as a hacker, iV4's Security Red Team assesses your security posture by attempting to gain access and take control of your network. The Security Posture Check scans a snapshot of your network and identifies vulnerabilities that have the potential to be exploited.


Isn't this a Security Assessment?

No. A Security Assessment analyzes each layer of defense your organization currently deploys. Based on the assessment, a roadmap is produced to strengthen your security and remediate risk.


iV4's Security Posture Check is a 1-day assessment with the sole intent to penetrate your network. This is your opportunity to review the efficiency of your current security posture without the financial investment of a full security assessment.

Ethical hacking